Final Word from Thursday, September 8, 2005

"Stan" is the story of an insecure young man with little education who really wants to go far in life. He has a chip on his shoulder, though, and becomes so dependent on his idol and his maker that his insecurities drive him to suicide. If "Stan" weren't a hit song by Eminem, it could be a parody on the life of Stanislav Gross. The former prime minister was created by old structures and slim-shady businessmen who were his biggest fans as long as he sang their song. But he started to want more back than they were able to give. He asked for five mill. a pop just to sit down at the table. He turned paranoid and started singing gangsta rap. Makers of vegetable oil are out to get him and his family, he told F1 radio. It's not safe in a country controlled by such slippery forces, he suggested. As Eminem said, "You got some issues, Stan. I think you need some counseling."[Czech Republic gansta rapper music million Seta-Setuza bioethanol biodiesel]


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