Final Word from Monday, August 6, 2007

Tomáš Klvaňa told MFD that he took the job of radar coordinator because he considers the issue to be one of the CR's biggest foreign-policy priorities since the revolution. Some critics don't think his intentions are so honorable. Some question his patriotism and say he has "sold out" to the Americans. Others accuse him of a conflict of interest, because he's still officially on the payroll of British American Tobacco. We're more forgiving on these two counts and consider Klvaňa's handling of discussions with voters to be his bigger shortcoming. Klvaňa has essentially told some of those who oppose the radar that they're stupid. Klvaňa isn't a politician (yet), but he should know that successful public figures always go out of their way to avoid insulting voters, no matter how stupid the voters might be. If Klvaňa wants his government career to go anywhere, he'll need to find a way to apologize.[Czech Republic United States of America BAT missile defense]


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