Final Word from Friday, August 24, 2007

Austria's defense minister, Norbert Darabos, has joined the long list of those criticizing the plans for a U.S. radar station in the CR. The opponents of the facility have so effectively taken over the debate that anyone in favor must think twice before risking a comment. The main exception is Radar Coordinator Tomáš Klvaňa. He's out in the trenches valiantly fighting what must seem like a thankless battle. His efforts have been criticized by radar-area mayors and MP Ondřej Liška of the Greens, but PM Mirek Topolánek insists that Klvaňa is putting on an "above-standard" performance. Aside from Klvaňa's perceived arrogance toward radar critics and his premature statement that there will be no referendum, Topolánek has reason to be pleased with Mr. Radar. He's allowing the PM to avoid unpleasant meetings and can always be hung with the political blame if the radar doesn't work out.[Czech Republic Parliament missile-defense United States of America USA]


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