Final Word from Thursday, October 4, 2007

One of the first things readers of HN will notice today is Václav Havel's signature with his trademarked red heart. That's how Havel, the guest editor-in-chief for today's edition, signed his meandering front-page preface. The next thing readers will notice is that there's almost no news on the front page. Instead, it's all about Havel. Even the story about Russia's latest anti-democratic steps is mainly about Havel's Weltanschauung. Much of the rest of the paper is the same. It's an interesting approach - a guest editor who publishes a sort-of autobiographical, flower-power edition - and it will undoubtedly raise the kind of discussion HN was hoping for. HN now wants Václav Klaus to take a turn as guest editor. Why not, he dressed up as a homeless person for MFD? But if Klaus wants to score a major political and media coup, he'll put out an issue of HN that makes no mention whatsoever of himself.[Czech Republic Hospodářské noviny MF Dnes Vladimir Putin]


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