Final Word from Friday, October 12, 2007

The announcement this week of the integration of two Prague graduate business schools, Pittsburgh and US Business School, would have pleased Peter Loewenguth. He was head of rival CMC for five years but was adamant about the need for consolidation of the market for an MBA. Peter won't see it happen, because he died of cancer last Fri., leaving behind two small children and a lovely wife, Jeanne Hilsinger. People die everyday, but it's a particular loss when it's someone who was so young and who contributed so much to the community. Usually, if an up-and-coming businessman in the CR dies young, it's in a traffic accident of the kind that took Dalibor Šebela of Bohemia Sekt two years ago. If cancer gets us, there's not much we can do, but many of the deaths in our midsts could easily be avoided. All it requires is recognizing that making lots of money doesn't mean we can walk on water.[Czech Republic Graduate Business School Čalákovice master of business administration]


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