Final Word from Friday, October 26, 2007

Always have a prenup, says Donald Trump. Not easy to do, though, when you tie the knot in the dark days of Communism and don't make your killing until the golden days of capitalism. If Jiří Paroubek had thought more in advance about the possibility of divorce, he might not now be at risk of losing his ČSSD chairmanship. With his split from Zuzana, he had to find a way to divide up what he had squirrelled away in recent years. What is an unworldly French teacher to do with half a bank account in Switzerland or Labuan (theoretically speaking, of course), so he lickety-split helped her stick her share into some mountain property, with a charity as a front. Now the cover story is unraveling (we're not dealing here with rocket scientists). It won't be long before some Kmenta follows the money back to ... where was that? ODS's dream of a Paroubek-free Christmas is no longer so far-fetched.[Czech Republic tax haven Malaysia Paroubková Giant Krkonoše Jaroslav MFD MF Dnes]


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