Final Word from Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ČEZ is putting aggressive pressure on anyone and everyone involved in the decision whether to allow the expansion of Temelín. PM Mirek Topolánek and Industry Minister Martin Říman have become its point men in communicating the message to the public. Václav Klaus is more discerning and, though he supports nuclear power, is criticizing ČEZ's pricing policies. He understands that households are feeling the squeeze and questions the need for ČEZ to chase more profits. Many Czechs are in the position of supporting nuclear power but don't favor a quick rush into expanding Temelín. The launch date of extra reactors could be pushed back if ČEZ concentrated more on serving its local constituents instead of exporting so much energy at German rates. But ODS needs to win next year's regional elections and clearly considers ČEZ's support more important than the views of voters.[Czech Republic power electricity prime minister]


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