Final Word from Thursday, April 30, 2009

ČSSD's T-shirts declare that "SocDem is sexy," but gauging from the young ladies wearing them, a plural noun and verb would be much more apropos.... Hats off to Designated PM Jan Fischer, but a statistician of his calibre should realize that to fall within the Gaussian distribution of the world's prime ministers, he'll need to trim a few inches of hair off his clever head.... Did anyone else notice that David Duke looks remarkably like someone else who was banned from the Czech Republic, ex-Nomura investment banker Randall Dillard?... Political analyst Jefim Fištejn said that Václav Klaus is looking for an exit strategy from Czech politics.... Vice Chair David Macek of KDU said that some lawmakers are thinking about giving Klaus one - in the sense that if the term of Parliament needs to be shortened to allow for early elections, maybe the president's term could be trimmed at the same time....[president KDU-ČSL Ku Klux Klan]

Glossary of difficult words

odds and ends - miscellaneous articles or remnants;

SocDem - Social Democracy, Social Democrats;

to gauge - to form a judgment or estimate of a situation;

apropos - very appropriate to a particular situation;

hats off to - used to express one's admiration for someone;

calibre - the level of a person's ability;

Gaussian distribution - normal distribution; used to describe a variable that tends to cluster around the mean;

to trim - to shorten; to cut away irregular or unwanted parts;

David Duke - former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan who was expelled recently from the Czech Republic.


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