Final Word from Friday, July 24, 2009

In a groundbreaking internet clip for male genital shaving from Procter & Gamble's Gillette division, the voice-over says that taking care of the hair down there has its benefits. "When there's no underbrush, the tree looks taller." ODS has the opposite concern. It wants to bring down its biggest prick (pardon our French) without otherwise disturbing the underlying political flora or jeopardizing the position of its other proud roosters. In other words, Mirek Topolánek's ODS wants to destroy Prague Mayor Pavel Bém without losing the Oct. elections and without sending any other of its kind to prison. Enter Jaroslav Kmenta of MFD, who's always useful in such cases. The strategy, it seems, is to leak just enough police information to make sure that Bém gets the message. Either he pulls out of the elections, or MFD starts printing the records of Roman Janoušek's offshore company (whose name Kmenta has conveniently provided). Janoušek's powerful business partners aren't about to allow this to happen.[Czech Republic MF Dnes Botanic Finance]

Glossary of difficult words

selective thinning - the removal of certain trees to improve the growth of others;

internet clip - see "Groin" under "How to shave body hair";

voice-over - narration in a movie or broadcast not accompanied by an image of the speaker;

underbrush - shrubs and small trees forming the undergrowth in a forest; (in this context it means pubic hair);

prick - (vulgar) penis; a person considered highly unpleasant;

pardon my French - please excuse the vulgarity;

flora - the plants of a particular region or habitat;

Janoušek's offshore company - Botanic Finance.


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