Final Word from Friday, December 18, 2009

Imagine, like in "The Godfather," that the dons of the five families gather for a meeting. There's Marek Dospiva from Prague 1, Karel Komárek from Prague 3, Petr Kellner from Prague 6, Patrik Tkáč from Prague 8 and Zdeněk Bakala from Ostrava. Also present are associates from other territories, including Martin Roman from Prague 4 and Richard Háva from Switzerland. Roman Janoušek is serving the drinks. "How did things get so far?" asks one of them. "It's so unfortunate, so unnecessary." A second don agrees: "Times are changing. It's not like the old days, when we could do anything we want. We have all the judges and politicians in our pockets, but we've drawn too much water from the well. If we continue, it's going to destroy us and the country in the years to come." After deliberating, one says, "Then we are agreed. We will rein in ourselves and our politicians awhile, and allow the country to breath."[Czech Republic Penta J&T KKCG ČEZ NWR OKD Omnipol PPF]

Glossary of difficult words

to prevail - to be victorious; to win;

The Godfather - all the quotes (except the last sentence) are from "The Godfather, Part I"; in some cases, we have changed the original meaning for dramatic effect;

to draw water from the well - to extract a resource from something;

to deliberate - to engage in long and careful consideration;

to rein in something or someone - to keep under control; to constrain.


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