Final Word from Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When we asked in Jan. whether there would be a Tunisama in Prague and arguedthat the protests in the Arab world are increasing the legitimacy of all those acrossthe globe who are protesting against unjust and corrupt regimes, one reader saidthat this was the biggest nonsense he had read in months. You can reject the ideathat there is any causal link between North Africa and the VAT uprising in Praguewithout denying that the mentalities of the political leaders in each case are similarand that these mindsets are the root cause of the rebellions. Whether it is Kaddafior Kalousek, Mubarak or Barack, political leaders of the world are clinging to policiesthat are destructive for their countries and that benefit only a small group ofpeople. Czechs can take some small comfort in the assurance that their governmentwon't roll out the tanks to impose its VAT increase by force. (Or will it?)

Glossary of difficult words

causal - of, relating to, or acting as a cause;

mindset - the established set of attitudes held by someone;

root (adj.) - basic or original;

to cling to - to hold on tightly to.


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