Final Word from Monday, March 21, 2011

One of the strangest aspects of modern society is that the people of a country oftendon't know if they are at war. Americans readily accept that they're at war in Afghanistan,but they're now less sure about Iraq, not to mention Pakistan. The Czecharmy has several deployments in Afghanistan, but no one speaks of the CR beingat war. Is the no-fly zone over Libya another declaration of war? Václav Klaus saysYes, the Czech cabinet accepts the U.N. resolution without ever answering the question,and Bohuslav Sobotka of ČSSD says without asking his party or his electoratethat a no-fly zone is definitely okay. If Nato ends up sanctioning the military operationsin Libya, won't the CR in effect be going to war, even if it doesn't send anyplanes or troops? It's ironic that as the firepower of mankind increases, the accountabilityof all those who directly or indirectly approve its deployment diminishes.

Glossary of difficult words

readily - without hesitation or reluctance; willingly;

Iraq - combat operations officially ended there seven months ago, but the U.S. continues to lose troops on nearly a weekly basis;

deployment - the putting into use of troops or weapons;

electorate - voters;

firepower - the destructive capacity of guns, missiles or a military force;

to diminish - to make or become less.


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