Final Word from Thursday, March 31, 2011

CEO Martin Roman of ČEZ staunchly defends the safety of Czech nuclear-power plants. He told HN that the Japanese scenario can't repeat itself here, because the CR is in one of the most-stable seismic areas in the world and has no ocean to pose a threat of tidal wave. Furthermore, he said, Temelín is the most-modern plant in the EU, and Dukovany is among the best-rated globally from a safety standpoint. Roman is probably right - as long as nothing unpredictable happens. The problem is that the political and business elite of the West - including Roman - are guiding us toward some sort of social collapse, and it's not possible to predict how they will deal with the chaos once it arrives. Can we be 100% certain that the electricity supply to nuclear plants will be maintained, for example? Nuclear power is a potential health hazard more because of human nature than Mother Nature.

Glossary of difficult words

staunchly - in a resolute, determined or purposeful way;

social collapse - a breakdown in the normal functioning of society (due to financial crisis, war, widespread hunger, etc);

hazard - a danger or risk.


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