Final Word from Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The timing of future monumental events is impossible to predict, but the trends areoften clear to those willing to look objectively at what is happening. For at least 40years, the West has been on a path to self-destruction, and politicians and businessleaders have proven that they are unwilling or unable to take reasonable steps to reversethe trend. If we cannot count on our leaders in time of calm, we surely cannotcount of them to do the right thing in time of crisis. People will take to the streets inincreasing numbers, but the result will not be less theft by the criminal elite or betteruse of tax money. The political and business elite will instead respond with bludgeons,guns and, if necessary, tanks. The West is headed toward some form of dictatorship,whether it takes six months or six years to transpire. In the coming days andweeks, we'll explore several possibilities for who the next Czech dictator will be.

Glossary of difficult words

monumental - great in importance, extent or size;

bludgeon - a thick stick with a heavy end, used as a weapon;

to transpire - to occur, happen.


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