Final Word from Friday, August 26, 2011

The global media market is changing fast, and we must change too. The future belongsto low-priced (or free) media products that serve a truly mass audience, or toexpensive products that serve smaller groups of people willing to pay real money forsomething of quality. Our original Fleet Sheet, which is a paid product, is still goingstrong after 19 years and fits well into the second category. However, the Final Wordis a free niche product that doesn’t fit well into either. So, starting next week, the FinalWord will only be published four days per week, Mon. to Thur. We don't want toforsake our loyal Final Word readers entirely, but our new Friday Edition of the FinalWord will be published exclusively for subscribers to the original Fleet Sheet. Thesesubscribers are paying our bills, so we need to pamper them more by providing themwith insight and analysis they can’t get elsewhere. Click here to judge for yourself.

Glossary of difficult words

niche product - a product that targets a specialized area of the market;

to forsake - to abandon someone or something;

to pamper someone - to spoil someone; to indulge someone with every attention, comfort and kindness.


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