Final Word from Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Czech businessmen might flaunt their mistresses, but if there's one thing they're fastidiousabout hiding, it's the names of their offshore companies. So it's nothing shortof a tragedy for "godfather" Ivo Rittig that the name Cokeville Assets has poppedup (first on Reportéři in Nov., and yesterday in documents released by the EndowmentFund against Corruption). An even bigger tragedy for Rittig is that the numbersof two bank accounts - one in Cyprus, one in Monaco - for receiving illicit moneyfrom the printing of Prague transit tickets have been revealed. If the new coalitionat Prague city hall is serious about transparency and cost-cutting in procurement, itshould be a priority for it to take this information to the proper authorities and to seeto it that Rittig's bank records are sequestered. The inflows and outflows might revealnot only some other similar deals, but also some politicians who helped it all happen.

Glossary of difficult words

to go down - to be arrested or otherwise defeated;

to flaunt - to display in an ostentatious way, esp. to provoke envy or admiration;

fastidious - meticulous; very concerned about accuracy and detail;

to sequester - to take forcible possession of something; to confiscate.

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