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When Petr Nečas said last week that a gang of police colonels or lieutenant colonels will not decide who is in his cabinet, he was referring to a suggestion from MP Ivan Ohlídal of ČSSD that Miroslav Kalousek might be lying by saying a price valuation wasn't needed in the CASA deal. Kalousek's big problem is that for his little defense club (Vlasta Parkanová, Martin Barták, Jaroslav Kopřiva, Richard Háva) the Spanish idiom "mi casa es tu casa" takes on a whole new meaning. If one of them goes down because of the overpriced Spanish planes, they all crash. It might not even matter if such defense deals do or do not require price appraisals if the police get hold of the secret Liechtenstein accounts where all the extra money presumably ended up. Wouldn't it be something if these same accounts were included on the stolen CD from Vaduz that Kalousek had said in 2010 contained no accounts of any interest.[Czech Republic DVD disk disc Germany LGT Bank]

Glossary of difficult words

mis casa es tu casa - my house is your house (make yourself at home); or the new meaning, "my CASA problem is your CASA problem";

CD - the finance ministry received a disk from Germany that had been stolen by a bank official. It contained the bank accounts in Liechtenstein of a few Czechs, but the finance ministry under Miroslav Kalousek said they had all paid their taxes.

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