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What's the difference between a monopoly and a duopoly? With a duopoly, it's easier to pretend there's price competition. Yet it was suspected anti-competitive behavior that caused the EU Commission to begin investing ČEZ in the first place. According to Jana Klímová of MFD, ČEZ is close to reaching a deal with the Commission calling for ČEZ to sell off 800 MW of its electricity- generation capacity to avoid a fine in the tens of billions of crowns for inhibiting competition. What do Czech taxpayers get out of this? After all, they were the ones who suffered from the alleged anti-competitive behavior. Do they get a rebate on the amount they overpaid to the monopoly abuser in the form of higher energy prices? No. Do they see heads roll at the monopoly abuser? No. Do they get a duopoly abuser once ČEZ arranges to sell capacity to PPF's EPH? Yes. It seems even the Commission is now working for Petr Kellner.[Czech Republic MF Dnes antitrust anti-trust EP Holding]

Glossary of difficult words

to inhibit - to hinder, restrain or prevent (an action or process);

rebate - a partial refund to someone who has paid too much money for tax, rent or a utility;

heads (will) roll - people are (will be) dismissed or forced to resign.

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