Final Word from Thursday, June 28, 2012

There's an art to lying, and Petr Nečas doesn't possess it. Nečas chose the big lie for justifying the removal yesterday of Justice Minister Jiří Pospíšil, but it didn't work, because it was too far- fetched for people to believe that he removed Pospíšil due to some piddly budget issue. A partial lie would have worked better. He could have drawn on his own recent comment about a war of state prosecutors. He could have invoked Bohumil Pečinka's theory in Reflex of a "legal coup d'état" by the group of prosecutors aligned with Pospíšil. He could have hinted that there was also a subversive element to the plot, such as involvement by foreign intelligence operators. He could have cited MP Daniel Korte of TOP 09, who blamed the criminal prosecution of Vlasta Parkanová on the Americans. Such a partial lie would have convinced half the people and planted a seed of doubt in most of the others. But Nečas is a bad liar.[Czech Republic putsch Lenka Bradáčová Pavel Zeman]

Glossary of difficult words

far-fetched - contrived and unconvincing; unlikely;

piddly/piddling - pathetically trivial; trifling; petty;

plot - a plan made in secret to do something illegal or harmful;

seed - the cause or beginning of a feeling, process or condition.


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