Final Word from Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In all fairness, perhaps Petr Nečas had his speech for the Brno engineering fair written before he was humiliated on OVM on Sun. for having sent a private letter of apology to Václav Klaus. Perhaps Nečas was simply too busy to take out the passages of his Brno speech about Pussy Riot and "Dalai-Lamaism" that were clearly another olive branch to Klaus. More likely, though, Nečas has failed to understand one fundamental thing. Klaus sees such overtures as a sign of weakness and, instead of showing mercy, redoubles his attack against anyone hoping to use them to gain his approval. The only defense against Klaus is a strong offense, but Nečas is proving to be incapable of it. This puts him exactly where Klaus wants him. Our apologies to anyone offended by our headline today, but those who understand it enough to be offended, might also understand that it perfectly describes the situation.[Czech Republic Dalai Lama Czech TV Television Václav Moravec]

Glossary of difficult words

pussy-whipped - (vulgar slang) to be completely under the control of someone;

olive branch - an offer of reconciliation;

to redouble - to make much greater, more intense or more numerous.

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