Final Word from Thursday, February 7, 2013

With only slightly less regularity than a dripping faucet but to little avail, Jana Klímová and her colleagues at MFD write about the conflicts of interest of Martin Roman of ČEZ. In the latest installment today, Klímová quotes Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek - who is ultimately responsible for everything ČEZ - as saying that he will ask Roman, as supervisory board chair, to report on the dubious sale of I&C Energo five years ago, when none other than Roman was ČEZ's CEO. It's a double conflict of interest, because Roman is also suspected of having a finger in the I&C pie, together with lawyer Josef Brož. Remember what Miloš Zeman said about wanting to be the president of the bottom 10m, and not of the godfathers who act as parasites on society and suck its blood without returning any value? If the president-elect wants to prove he isn't like Václav Klaus, his approach to ČEZ is a golden opportunity.[Czech Republic sup. MOL Hungary Mladá fronta]

Glossary of difficult words

faucet - a tap; a device by which a flow of liquid or gas from a pipe can be controlled;

to little avail - without great effect or success;

installment - any of several parts of something that is published, broadcast or made public in sequence at intervals;

dubious - suspect, doubtful;

have a finger in the pie - to be involved in something.

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