Final Word from Thursday, July 18, 2013

Together with the old opposition's 96 votes in Parliament, the 42 from TOP 09 would have been more than enough yesterday to dissolve the body and provoke early elections. Yet Miroslav Kalousek held his people back and continued his attack on the "predator" Miloš Zeman. Early elections would likely be a boon to T0P 09, with its mascot (Karel) still in fine form and the anti-Zeman message very strong. But despite the Supreme Court ruling on immunity this week that indirectly tolled in his favor, Kalousek still seems to fear losing his stay-out-of-jail card. Why? What else has he done? There are so many possibilities.... Kalousek surely knows that Zeman plans to keep Jiří Rusnok in power until next June, yet he refuses to disband Parliament. It's another Kalousek paradox: Because he fears going to prison, he makes it easier for Zeman to achieve the very consolidation of presidential power that he so criticizes.[Czech Republic Schwarzenberg parliamentary]

Glossary of difficult words

to provoke - to produce, evoke;

boon - a thing that is helpful or beneficial;

to toll - to ring or to cause a bell to make a ringing sound;

to disband - to cause (an organization) to break up.


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