Final Word from Monday, November 25, 2013

František Savov, one of the most secretive Czech businessmen, just can't catch a break. First the police charged nine people last month with Kč 3-4bn in VAT fraud, after raiding offices that just happen to be in the same building as Savov's publishing house, Mladá fronta. And then Jana Klímová of MFD reported that some of the fraudulent VAT remittances were made into accounts at Artesa credit union, which just happens to be a major advertiser in Savov's publications. So are, by pure chance, Comunica, Garris and Legios, other companies whose names have appeared in the VAT-fraud investigation. And if all these coincidences weren't enough, the name of Ivan Savov then popped up when Radovan Krejčíř was arrested in South Africa. Ivan Savov is suspected there of fraud and money laundering, but he's Bulgarian. This time, at least, it was believable when František Savov's PR agent said there is no connection. [Czech Republic E15 Euro Europrint tax MF Dnes]

Glossary of difficult words

to catch a break - to have a moment of luck during difficult times;

remittance - a sum of money sent;

to pop up - to appear, typically in an unexpected place or circumstance.

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