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Just as there are four stages of cancer, there are four main phases of political scorn. First, isolated segments of the broad population lose all respect for a given politician and start making it known to their surroundings. Word of mouth used to be the main method of contagion; now it is the internet. Second, the belittlement metastasizes to include public figures, such as nonpartisan analysts, commentators and moderators. Václav Moravec just couldn't contain himself yesterday on Czech TV. Third, the derision becomes so widespread that it leaks into the public comments of politicians who should know better, such as when Bohuslav Sobotka makes fun of the importance of Miloš Zeman's trip this week to the Karlovy Vary region and Lubomír Zaorálek says that Zeman isn't an expert in anything either. Fourth, the diagnosis becomes terminal when the scorned politician reacts by trying to outscorn those who scorn him. [Czech Republic president prime minister PM Television Otázky Václav Moravce OVM]

Glossary of difficult words

terminal - (of an illness or disease) incurable; predicted to lead to death, esp. slowly;

scorn - contempt; the feeling or belief that someone or something is worthless or despicable;

belittlement - the act of making someone or something seem unimportant;

to metastasize - to spread or grow, esp. unfavorably;

to contain oneself - to control or restrain oneself;

derision - contemptuous ridicule or mockery;

to outscorn - to confront or subdue with greater scorn.

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