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Miloš Zeman was already a top contender for president in 2010, even if he told Právo that running in 2013 was "absolutely out of the question." Despite Zeman's bright political future, and despite his relationship to Václav Klaus Sr., Director Václav Klaus Jr. of PORG gymnasium kicked Zeman's daughter out of the school for failing to pass a math test. Nothing testifies better to the assiduousness with which Klaus Jr. defended PORG's academic quality. Now, four years later, it is Klaus Jr. who has left the school, in part because of a disagreement with Board Chair Martin Roman over admissions policies. Far be it from us to defend Roman, but many successful schools give preferential treatment to rich VIPs and "legacy" applicants whose parents donate money. It might be elitist, it might be affirmative action for the rich, but even Harvard must accept this compromise to assure long-term financial stability and academic quality. [Czech Republic university high school positive discrimination Kateřina Zemanová Kate]

Glossary of difficult words

contender - a person who competes in a race, competition or campaign;

assiduousness - the act of showing great care and perseverance;

far be it from me to do something, but - it is not really my place to do something, but...;

legacy applicant - an applicant who has an immediate family member who attended the school;

affirmative action - positive discrimination; a policy favoring those who tend to suffer from discrimination.

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