Final Word from Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Some observers argue that the ultimate reason for Viktor Yanu­kovich's flight from Kiev was the decision of the oligarchs who were supporting him to turn their TV stations against him. The EU sanctions, no matter how toothless they might have been, contributed by putting the fear into the oligarchs that they would be shut out of Europe if Yanukovich remained. It's understandable that Czech TV - which referred initially to Yanukovich's ouster as a coup - wouldn't emphasize the role of the Ukrainian media in dethroning him. People might start drawing comparisons between what is happening in Kiev and in Prague. ČT supported Miloš Zeman last year in his effort to use SPOZ and ČSSD to gain Yanukovich-like powers, and when it failed, heads rolled in the two parties. Heads are also rolling at Czech TV, but they are instead the heads of those who opposed the consolidation of power. CEO Petr Dvořák should have been the one to go, but he is now in the same place as Yanukovich late last week, waiting to see which oligarchs will stand by him. [Czech Republic Television Ukraine]

Glossary of difficult words

toothless - lacking genuine force or effectiveness;

to shut out - to keep out, refuse entrance to;

ouster - dismissal or expulsion from a position;

to dethrone - to remove a ruler (esp. a monarch) from a position.

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