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Miroslav Kalousek is losing his one-man crusade to taint the ground that Andrej Babiš hovers over by calling him all kinds of names, from secret-police snitch to godfather and supplicant all in one. The more Kalousek rants and raves, the higher Babiš's approval rating soars, while Kalousek's remains deep in the doldrums. Kalousek is unwittingly helping Babiš to build a cult of personality even stronger than Václav Klaus's in the early days. It's no longer just awe that is hoisting Babiš up; it's fear too. He's making the political decisions and is also master of the media. What can Kalousek possibly do? Perhaps he could appeal to the ironic side of his countrymen, to the side that voted Jára Cimrman as the greatest Czech of all time. In areas where TOP 09 is still in power, it could erect Kim-like monuments to Babiš. If Babiš were overlooking Prague from Stalin's old pedestal, Czechs would start to get the message. [Czech Republic ANO North Korea]

Glossary of difficult words

to taint - to contaminate or pollute something;

to hover - to float; to remain in one place in the air;

snitch - an informer;

supplicant - someone who asks or begs for something in an earnest or humble way;

to rant and rave - to speak or shout at length in a wild, impassioned way;

in the doldrums - a stagnation or slump;

unwittingly - not done on purpose; unintentionally;

awe - admiration, reverence;

Jára Cimrman - a very popular fictional character;

to get the message - to infer a meaning or implication from a remark or action.

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