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The tender for enlarging the Temelín nuclear-power plant will likely be canceled, but it won't be because of Ukraine, Crimea or Russia. If the contest is canceled, it will be because of the U.K. The Brits don't even have a dog in the fight, but the recent initial decision of the EU Commission to reject almost all of the U.K.'s arguments for a contracts-for-difference scheme for the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant has burst ČEZ's bubble in terms of how to pay for the project. James de Candole was nearly the only one in the CR who noticed, but the narrative of ČEZ and Czech government officials took an about-face immediately after the Commission's objections were revealed. No longer was "contracts for difference" in the Czech vocabulary. Without that, the CR has no feasible way to fund the project. If, by chance, the Commission reverses its initial decision in the U.K. case, the debate about Temelín can then begin again in earnest. [Czech Republic United Kingdom European Union]

Glossary of difficult words

not to have a dog in this fight - not to be affected by the outcome; however, the U.K. does indeed have a secondary dog in this fight - Rolls Royce would be a supplier to the Russians; 

contracts-for-difference - (in this context) a guaranteed price for the electricity produced; if the market price exceeds the guaranteed price, the producer returns the difference; if the link does not work, copy this one into your browser:‘no+plan+B’+on+Hinkley+Point&cd=1#.UxbX5ij0tsQ

to burst someone's bubble - to shatter someone's illusions about something;

in earnest - occurring to a greater extent or more intensely than before.

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