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Imagine that, similar to in Captain Phillips or A Hijacking, Somali pirates seize a merchant ship and turn to the parent company for a ransom. Instead of dealing with it quietly, as in hundreds of other cases, the parent decides to make a stink. It starts demanding naval intervention for putting a halt to such outrageous behavior. When the governments of the world refuse, it screams conspiracy. The pirates, the shipper claims, are getting official protection from somewhere. Then the company goes silent, raising suspicions that it reached a secret deal to keep pirates off all its ships in exchange for backing off. Now imagine the pirates are Czech bankruptcy receivers with official protection from politicians, judges and police. Their targets are defenseless Czech companies. One of them, though, makes a stink. If you were running the pirates, wouldn't you too want to reach a quiet deal with Pavel Juříček of Brano Group? [Czech Republic trustee administrator insolvency courts piracy raiders raiding]

Glossary of difficult words

merchant ship - a ship involved in trade rather than in military activity;

to make a stink - to make a commotion or fuss;

to back off - to retreat from action or confrontation;

receiver - administrator, trustee; a person or company appointed by a court to manage the financial affairs of a business or person that has gone bankrupt.

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