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In theory, Miroslav Kalousek should be the loudest critic if Andrej Babiš allows Daniel Beneš to remain as CEO of ČEZ after tomorrow's shareholders' meeting at the energy giant. When it comes to Babiš, Kalousek is the self-appointed oligarch-slayer, and he doesn't miss a chance to criticize Babiš's propensity for empire-building. When Babiš spoke of a 100% dividend at ČEZ, Kalousek lashed back by asking which of Babiš's friends or business partners would pocket part of the payout. Kalousek could ask the same thing tomorrow: Which of Babiš's friends or business partners will benefit by keeping Beneš in place? But Kalousek won't dare ask this. Why? Because Babiš's new "friends" in this matter are Kalousek's friends too. Kalousek is thick as thieves with Mirek Topolánek, Topolánek works for Daniel Křetínský, Křetínský is Martin Roman's "bitch," and Beneš is a Roman creation. Babiš is now rounding out the circle. [Czech Republic AGM EPH EP Holding]

Glossary of difficult words

slayer - one who murders or slays someone in a violent way;

propensity - an inclination or natural tendency to behave in a certain way;

to lash out - to attack verbally;

thick as thieves - (of two people) very close or friendly; sharing secrets;

to be someone's bitch - (informal) to be a servant who performs tasks for another;

to round out - to bring to completion or fullness.

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