Final Word from Monday, August 25, 2014

Andrej Babiš is a godsend for the tabloids. There are so many angles to hit him from. He's a politician who refuses to admit he is one; he's a finance minister with conflicts of interest coming out the wazoo; he's a company owner with Kč 14bn in state contracts since 2007; he's a Slovak who chose another Slovak to run for Prague mayor. He's also a Keynesian trickster who is waging a friendly media battle with the Final Word over his budget sleights of hand. Blesk tabloid has so much to choose from if it wants to go after Babiš in the same way that it went after Miroslav Singer, Miroslav Kalousek, Stanislav Gross and Zdeněk Bakala! Yet day after day, all we see from Blesk are approving stories of Babiš with his lovely wife on vacation in the south of France. So this is why Daniel Křetínský and Martin Roman paid Kč 4.7bn for Ringier? To kiss up to Babiš? If Křetínský is Roman's bitch, it seems that Roman is now Babiš's. [Czech Republic ČEZ EPH Axel Springer CZ Agrofert Reportéři Czech Television TV Adriana Krnáčová ANO]

Glossary of difficult words

godsend - a very helpful event, person of thing; 

up or out the wazoo/ass - (mildly vulgar) - very much; in great quantity; to a great degree; 

another Slovak - Adriana Krnáčová; 

sleight of hand - skillful deception; 

to kiss up to someone - to behave sycophantically toward someone in order to obtain something.

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