Final Word from Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"Don't let the downtrodden be humiliated again," says the Bible in Psalms 74:21, and this could be the campaign slogan of ČSSD in the upcoming elections. "Let the poor and needy within ČSSD praise your name, O voters. Go to the polls to defend their cause!" In recent elections the Czechs have been presented with a non-party (ANO), a protest party (Úsvit), a presidential party (SPOZ), an anti-presidential party (TOP 09) and an erstwhile party (ODS). Now we have a pity party (ČSSD). A party that must pretend that its failures - including the inability to properly formulate an internal party referendum - aren't important, because it would mean admitting that it failed in its paramount duty of choosing a competent chairman. Instead it has a chairman who makes one concession after another in the hope of hanging on a little longer. O voters, choose ČSSD in the elections: It doesn't deserve your support, but it sure as hell needs it. [Czech Republic Dawn SPO]

Glossary of difficult words

the downtrodden - those who are oppressed or treated badly by those in power;

erstwhile - former; one-time;

paramount - more important than anything else; supreme;

to hang on - to persevere, esp. in difficult times.

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