Final Word from Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Political commentators and opposition politicians share the unenviable task of deciding whether to back Věra Jourová's candidacy for EU commissioner, despite whatever doubts they might have. Should they respect the adage that a nation's dirty laundry ought not to be aired abroad, or should they go out with all guns blazing? If Jourová fails in her hearing or becomes tainted due to criticism from home about her role in EU funding, it will reflect badly on the entire country. So will it, though, if critics are quiet now and the doubts come back to haunt Jourová later. The safest way, of course, is for critics to say they fully support her - and then to undermine her. Such as what one of Jourová's advisers, MEP Stanislav Polčák of the opposition TOP 09/STAN, did, whether intentionally or not, when he told Právo that Jourová is truly an expert on EU funding and that sometimes it's good to put the fox in charge of the henhouse. [Czech Republic European Union Commission]

Glossary of difficult words

to air/wash dirty laundry in public - to discuss or argue about one's private affairs in public;

unenviable - difficult, undesirable or unpleasant; thankless;

with (all) guns blazing - with full force and energy;

tainted - blemished; discredited;

to come back to haunt - for the consequences of an action to reflect negatively on one later.

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