Final Word from Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Rarely does it happen that a party chairman intentionally torpedoes one of his own candidates on election day. Andrej Babiš did this to his transport minister, Antonín Prachař, by saying he wasn't happy that Prachař was running for the Senate. Prachař dutifully lost his race. It's another rare occurrence when the chairman of another party shows more support for a minister than the minister's own chairman. Babiš might be driving Prachař out of office, but Bohuslav Sobotka wants Prachař to remain. If you doubt this assessment of Sobotka's motivations, go back and reread what he has said about Prachař from this new angle. And in doing so, keep in mind what we hinted at two weeks ago: that Prachař is in cahoots with lawyer Radek Pokorný, and that Sobotka will never do anything to cross his partner in crime. If Prachař is replaced, you see, Pokorný and his client Eurovia risk losing their hold on the transport ministry. [Czech Republic CS highway crew road construction ČSSD ANO]

Glossary of difficult words

dutifully - conscientiously or obediently fulfilling one's duties;

assessment - the evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality or ability of someone or something;

in cahoots with - colluding or conspiring together secretly with;

partner in crime - good friends who get in trouble together;

hold - a degree of power or control.

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