Final Word from Monday, November 24, 2014

Miloš Zeman's approval rating has crashed in the past month from 58% to 37%, according to CVVM. Factors in this, according to the polling agency, were his visit to China and his approach there to human rights, the return flight home on PPF's plane, the medals of honor he awarded, and his comments on Czech Radio. How much each incident contributed to his decline in popularity is hard to measure, but the one variable that isn't fuzzy relates to the return flight. The cost of the flight, divided by the number of passengers and bodyguards, is a finite figure, even if PPF, J&T and the Castle are keeping it close to their chest. By his own admission, Zeman earned a personal benefit in the form of 3-4 hours of extra sleep. The value of an hour of presidential sleep is therefore a calculable amount. It's probably something more than $1,000, not counting the bodyguards. There are cheaper ways to damage one's reputation. [Czech Republic airplane]

Glossary of difficult words

zzz - sleep (the symbol in comic strips that hovers over one's head when one sleeps);

fuzzy - difficult to understand, perceive or calculate;

finite - possible to count; having limits or bounds;

to keep something/one's cards close to one's chest - to be secret and cautious about something or one's intentions.

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