Final Word from Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What would it take, theoretically speaking, for the people to run Miloš Zeman out of office in a way that was recognized by the Western world? Although Czech voters elected their president, they have no legal power to remove him, but no such constitutional inconveniences stopped the people of Ukraine, did they? The first order of business is for the anti-Zemanites to join forces with those who wrote the book on regime change. No problem there, if you believe the Ron Paul Institute, because the U.S. government has probably already tasked its regime-change tsar, Carl Gershman, with undermining Czech democracy. Someone also needs to find a cheap caterer, an oligarch with a TV station and a polling agency ready to speak for the people. Once the revolution is declared, you can sit back comfortably and watch as the square overflows with people eager to use undemocratic methods in the name of furthering democracy. [Czech Republic Maidan Euromaidan National Endowment for Democracy television]

Glossary of difficult words

to Maidanize - (in this sense) to bring about a result similar to that achieved during the Maidan protests in Ukraine;

to write the book on - to be very authoritative on something; to know enough about something to write the definitive book about it.

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