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A quick time line: In Oct. of last year, a group of ČSSD politicians conspired with Miloš Zeman to try to oust Bohuslav Sobotka in what Sobotka called a "putsch with all the trimmings." A few weeks later, a group of reporters and editors at Czech TV signed a petition against what they called the station's pro-Zeman bias. CEO Petr Dvořák of ČT responded by calling it ... a putsch. Yesterday, Zeman said through his spokesman that ČT might have edited out a negative reference he made to Zdeněk Bakala because Bakala accompanied Sobotka on his visit to the U.S. Was Zeman merely throwing an uppercut before today's meeting with Sobotka about foreign policy? Or was he drawing attention to the one constant in all of these events - Bison & Rose PR agency? It was working for Sobotka, Dvořák and Bakala. Before this leads to another putsch, Zeman needs to talk things over with his friend Milan Chovanec, another Bison & Rose client. [Czech Republic public relations United States Washington Television]

Glossary of difficult words

Clarification: Bison & Rose asked us to clarify that it does not accept political clients, although one of its partners does on an external basis.

to putsch - (rare) to engage in a putsch or overthrow;

time line - a graphic representation of the passage of time;

to oust - to drive out or expel (someone) from a position or place;

uppercut - a punch delivered with an upward motion and the arm bent.

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