Final Word from Tuesday, January 6, 2015

When you boil down all the conspiracy theories about the suspension of Prague's new building rules, including the rumors started by slippery ole Tonda Blaník, you're left with one nagging question? When did Andrej Babiš throw in with Martin Roman? Was it even before the municipal elections? Were all those anti-Hudeček billboards in Prague part of a deal between Babiš and Roman? BigBoard helps ANO to discredit Mayor Tomáš Hudeček and to take over Prague city hall, and in return ANO cancels Hudeček's new construction rules immediately after the elections? Or, as Tonda Blaník suggests, did the deal not take shape until after the municipal elections? Those who don't buy into such conspiracy theories can go on believing that Babiš still considers Roman to be Public Enemy No. 1 and that the suspension of the building rules has nothing to do with any kind of peace treaty between warring oligarchs. [Czech Republic ČEZ TOP 09]

Glossary of difficult words

to boil down - to simplify, summarize or shorten;

slippery - evasive and unpredictable;

ole - old (informal or humorous);

nagging - persistent, unrelenting;

to throw in with someone - to join forces with; to take sides with;

to buy into - to accept or subscribe to.

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