Final Word from Wednesday, February 11, 2015

You've probably heard the joke: The Ukraine crisis is a war between the U.S. and Russia - to the very last Ukrainian. It was never very funny, but now the situation is starting to look deadly serious. The U.S. seems to be on course to arming the Ukrainian forces with lethal weapons. Even some of those who put the entire blame on Russia must now sense that it is the Americans, as much as the Russians, who are trying to escalate the crisis. Europe is in the line of fire and is speaking out against the growing U.S. warmongering. This is just the kind of unilateralism that Miloš Zeman and Lubomír Zaorálek have been warning about. If we follow their logic, there is a risk that Ukraine will turn out like Iraq. It will be a war that no one wins, not the Americans, the Russians, the Ukrainians or the Europeans. Only the arms suppliers, the bankers and a few Leftist Neocons will be rubbing their hands. And the Chinese, of course. [Czech Republic neoconservatism United States of America Nato]

Glossary of difficult words

lethal - sufficient to cause death;

line of fire - the expected path of gunfire or a missile;

warmongering - the aggressive promotion of warfare toward other nations or groups, esp. by a sovereign or political leader or activist;

Leftist Neocon - a person on the political left who takes a Neocon or Bush-like position on the use of military force;

to rub one's hands - a way of showing considerable satisfaction.

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