Final Word from Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The resignation of Helena Válková was so unimportant to MFD that it put the news on Page 4. The important news, that Andrej Babiš was expecting her resignation, had received the front-page treatment a day earlier, so why waste valuable real estate, right? With this in mind, how should we read the front-page notice from MFD on Sat. that, after Válková, Defense Minister Martin Stropnický might be next in line? Is MFD really sending the message that if Stropnický doesn't talk sense into his son Matěj with regard to a smelly waste-removal contract at Prague city hall, he might be forced out as minister by Radmila Kleslová of ANO? It would be quite racy, the minister said, if the father had to answer for the sins of the son. Has Kleslová noticed that there is a war in Europe? Removing the defense minister of a Nato country on a whim at a time of war is one piece of news that would travel quickly beyond the insulated Prague valley. [Czech Republic municipal Pražské služby]

Glossary of difficult words

valuable real estate - (in this context) a highly visible location in a newspaper or other publication;

smelly - having a strong or unpleasant smell; suspicious;

racy - risqué, suggestive, crude;

whim - a sudden desire or change of mind;

insulated - protected or shielded from outside influences.

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