Final Word from Wednesday, April 8, 2015

As Pavel Rychetský despairs about the state of post-Velvet Revolution values in society and the key role in this collapse played by the "hermetically sealed" political parties, the opposition is despairing about the state of the playing field the political parties are operating on. Miroslav Kalousek of TOP 09 told Deník that he always counted on there being a stable playing field for parliamentary democracy, with an alternation of Left and Right governments, but that Andrej Babiš is openly talking about changing this. Petr Fiala of ODS told MFD that Babiš wants to redraw the playing field, destroy it and seize it for himself. The question is whether those who oppose Babiš are worried about the threat to democracy, or whether they fear instead that the new model of politician-owner represented by Babiš threatens the established model of politician-middleman practiced by people like Kalousek for so many years. [Rychetský Kalousek Babiš]

Glossary of difficult words

to despair - to lose or give up hope; to be discouraged or demoralized;

alternation - a state of doing or performing something in turn repeatedly.

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