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Criticism of Europe's "appeasement" of international terrorism is one of Miloš Zeman's frequent foreign-policy topics, yet he has been engaging in the last few days in his own personal style of appeasement. Not of terrorists, of course, but of those who say that he is a threat to his country because of his pro-Russian tendencies. He's done four things to win back the public. First, he supported the convoy. Then he backed down somewhat from his confrontation with U.S. Amb. Andrew Schapiro (although his initial criticism of Schapiro was certainly not an act of appeasement). Third, he said that he will apologize if the "Hitler is a gentleman" article isn't uncovered. Fourth, he announced six months in advance that he will award a medal of honor to František Kriegel, who opposed the 1968 Soviet occupation. It's a brand new Zeman. But then again, he also reinvented himself after the failed putsch, and that didn't last very long either. [Czech Republic ambassador United States Nato military Přítomnost Peroutka]

Glossary of difficult words

appeasement - a political policy of pacifying or placating a rival by acceding to its demands;

to reinvent oneself - to take up a very different job or way of life.

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