Final Word from Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It often happens that detectives don't solve a complicated murder until they draw a timeline of the events leading up to it. In the case of the imminent political death of Energy Security Amb. Václav Bartuška, the starting point is June 2010, when he was appointed special envoy for Temelín, mainly as a way to shut him up about his opposition to Rosatom winning the Temelín deal. The muzzle worked until the Russians took over Crimea in March 2014, after which Bartuška started shooting off his mouth again. Last week he said in HN that the Russians should be excluded from a new tender for nuclear reactors. Then ČEZ promptly confirmed that a new nuclear tender can be expected next year, and CEO Daniel Beneš emphasized that no one should be excluded. Yesterday Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek found an excuse to fire Bartuška that on the surface had nothing to do with Temelín, but in fact had everything to do with it. [Czech Republic Dukovany ambassador]

Glossary of difficult words

imminent - about to happen;

to shut someone up - to cause someone to stop talking;

muzzle - a guard, typically made of straps or wire, fitted over an animal's face to stop it from biting; any restraint of free speech;

to shoot one's mouth off - to speak boastfully or indiscreetly.

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