Final Word from Monday, May 18, 2015

The White House's National Security Strategy states that "American leadership is a global force for good" but is grounded in the U.S.'s "enduring national interests." In other words, what is in the U.S. national interest constitutes the global good. "There is no substitute for American leadership," the document says. The U.S. will help its allies "deter Russian aggression" and "resist Russian coercion over the long term, if necessary," the document adds, but "will keep the door open to greater collaboration ... should [Russia] choose a different path." Rightly or wrongly, the U.S. media are interpreting John Kerry's meeting in Sochi last week as a sign of recognition that the attempt to isolate Russia is failing and that other interests - Iran, Syria - are now at the top of the U.S. agenda. Has Miloš Zeman been proven right? Sanctions aren't working? What are the Havelians to do now? Start protesting against the U.S. for cozying up to Russia? [Czech Republic United States Havellians truth-and-loveniks Barack Obama Sergei Lavrov Vladimir Putin]

Glossary of difficult words

to be grounded in - to give (something abstract) a firm theoretical or practical basis;

enduring - continuing or long-lasting;

coercion - the use of force or threats to persuade an unwilling person to do something;

to cozy up to - to ingratiate oneself with; to curry favor with.

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