Final Word from Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Journalists looking for a new love-hate triangle to supplement the Nečas/Nagyová/Nečasová ordeal need look no further than PPF/PSE/CNB. Strong accusations have been flying on all sides. Most recently, CEO Tomáš Budník of O2 CR told MFD that the mobile operator asked the CNB to investigate whether the comment by CEO Petr Koblic of the Prague Stock Exchange about lack of transparency in the division of O2 represented price manipulation. Before that, CFO Kateřina Jirásková of PPF told HN that Koblic's accusations were entirely groundless and that she didn't understand at all why he went to the media with them. That's pretty obvious, isn't it? Someone made billions of crowns in easy money on the split of O2, and people in official positions allowed it to happen. Koblic didn't want the stench to cling to him. Let's hope that he and the others keep slinging mud at each other, so that more of the truth comes to the surface. [Czech Republic Czech National Bank minority shareholders Cetin]

Glossary of difficult words

stench - a strong and very unpleasant smell;

ordeal - a painful or horrific experience, esp. one that lasts for a long time;

groundless - not based on any good reason;

to cling to - to be hard to part from or remove from; to adhere or stick firmly or closely to;

to sling - to throw or fling;

mud - information or allegations regarded as damaging, typically concerned with corruption.

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