Final Word from Monday, October 5, 2015

Andrej Babiš made it through an hour-long televised debate yesterday with Miroslav Kalousek without once mentioning lawyer Radek Pokorný or Bison & Rose PR agency. Babiš usually finds a way to slip them into the conversation, because they (and the ČSSD they represent) are his real political enemies, not TOP 9.0%. MfD more than compensated for Babiš's remissness by devoting a front-page story today to Pokorný's conflicts of interest and by mentioning Bison & Rose in a commentary. MfD is targeting Pokorný because he's Sobotka's true Achilles heel. Whereas Babiš is in a clear position of superiority over his fixers (Radmila Kleslová, Jaroslav Faltýnek), and whereas Mirek Topolánek was in a partnership with Marek Dalík, Sobotka is the subordinate in his relationship with Pokorný. If Pokorný goes down, Sobotka will be lost without him. That's the fate of many a prostitute who becomes too dependent on a pimp. [Czech Republic public relations arbitration court 09

Glossary of difficult words

pimp - a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking part of their earnings in return;

remissness - the act of showing a lack of care or attention to duty; negligence;

Achilles heel - a weakness or vulnerable point;

fixer - a person who makes arrangements for other people, esp. of an illicit or devious kind;

to go down - to sink or crash; to be defeated in a contest.

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