Final Word from Monday, October 19, 2015

They're building a gallows outside Lidový dům, and I've got 11 months to go It's a real one this time with my name on the noose, I've got 10 months to go Rozbořil's still hanging in the air, it's my turn now, just nine months to go Ištvan and Šlachta are poking into OKD, with just eight more months to go Lidovky writes about Pokorný, kmotři and me, I've got seven months to go Chovanec is tightening the knot and Babiš is at the lever, half a year to go How dare they say my referendum was a swindle, just five months to go Merkel wants her quotas, and I can't tell her no, I've got four months to go Kellner is balking and won't give me the funds, three more months to go My chances are fading, ANO's rating is rising, I've got two months to go Surely they'll leave me the prime minister's post, only one month to go The voting is over and the numbers are in, plop, what a way to go. [Czech Republic ČSSD Radek PPF Petr Bohuslav]

Glossary of difficult words

gallows - a structure for the hanging of criminals; 

Lidový dům - the Prague headquarters of ČSSD; 

to poke into/around something - to look or search around a place; 

kmotři - regional "godfathers"; 

lever - a projecting arm or handle that is moved to operate a mechanism; 

swindle - a fraudulent scheme or action; 

to balk - to hesitate or be unwilling to accept an idea or undertaking; 

plop - a short sound as of a small, solid object dropping into water without a splash.

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