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When Interior Minister Milan Chovanec uncovered an alleged attempt in Aug. to destabilize his ministry and Česká pošta using "intelligence-security means," PM Bohuslav Sobotka willingly called a meeting of the BRS National Security Council. Now that some of Sobotka's private emails have been released to the public, shouldn't the BRS convene again to determine the magnitude of the security breach? According to Chovanec, Sobotka made the entire contents of his email account available to the police in Dec., but the police aren't qualified to address "intelligence-security" issues, or they would have done so in the Česká pošta case. Sobotka won't want Andrej Babiš to go through his unreleased emails, so a meeting of the BRS is unlikely. Instead, the task of determining the scale of the security breach will be left mainly to ČSSD. Instead of a national-security issue, Sobotka's emails will be treated as a ČSSD-security issue. [Czech Republic hackers Czech Post postal service ANO]

Glossary of difficult words

magnitude - the great size or extent of something;

security breach - an act from outside an organization that bypasses or contravenes security policies, practices, or procedures.

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