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One of the biggest conundrums of current Czech politics is why ČSSD and KDU-ČSL are so willing to allow Andrej Babiš to use his platform as finance minister to expand his oligarchy and fortune, when he will just turn around and deploy his increased arsenal against them in future elections. Why, for example, are they allowing him to create a dream database of M&A data (otherwise known as invoice-matching) for conducting future hostile takeovers, when some ČSSD- and KDU-friendly companies will undoubtedly be among his targets? The obvious question is what the two coalition partners are getting in return. As the next elections approach and Babiš's tactics become clearer, ČSSD and KDU are finally starting to balk. Two months ago they rejected Miroslav Kalousek's call for joint resistance to Babiš, but when TOP talked yesterday about clamping down on Babiš's conflicts of interest, they were suddenly willing to at least listen. [Czech Republic mergers & acquisitions system]

Glossary of difficult words

conundrum - a confusing and difficult problem or question;

to turn around and do something - used to convey the idea that someone's actions or words are perceived as unexpected, unwelcome, or confrontational;

hostile takeover - the acquisition of one company by another against the will of the acquired company;

to balk - to hesitate or be unwilling to accept an idea or undertaking;

to clamp down - to suppress or prevent something, typically in an oppressive or harsh manner.

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