Final Word from Monday, February 29, 2016

Imagine if ANO were forced to campaign in the 2017 parliamentary elections without Andrej Babiš as its candidate for prime minister. What would that do to its election results? That's the pertinent question now that ČSSD and KDU-ČSL have decided to support a proposal from TOP 09 for preventing anyone with 40% or more in a company from serving in the cabinet. No one honestly believes that Babiš could ever sever ties with Agrofert to comply with such a law. When TOP 09 Chair Miroslav Kalousek began calling in Nov. for the "democratic" parties to join forces against Babiš and other oligarchs, few took him seriously. Some political analysts even called it a shift by Kalousek to the Left. Three months later, though, Kalousek is close to racking up his first big victory: Passage of such a major anti-Babiš law would set a huge precedent. The road would be paved for ČSSD, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09 and other "democratic" parties to gang up against ANO to form the next government. For working purposes, call it the second Sobotka government. [Czech Republic Bohuslav party congress conference]

Glossary of difficult words

to write someone off - to dismiss or ignore someone;

pertinent - relevant or applicable to a particular matter;

to sever - to put an end to (a connection or relationship);

to comply - to act in accordance with a wish or command;

to rack up - to accumulate, score or achieve;

to gang up - to join together, typically in order to intimidate someone or to gain an advantage.

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